You Asked, So We Did – Extra Quantity Field Flexibility…

Several users have asked if there was a way we could adapt the quoting system to handle Circular, Oval and Semicircular items easier.

The system has always been very flexible handling unusual shaped rooms such as L shaped or commercial areas with several section that need adding together to get the total area, but until now Circular, Oval and Semicircular rugs have had to use a formula to calculate the ACTUAL size.  Well, you asked so we’ve done it.  Oh, I almost forgot, this change is also including our Professional+ Edition too.  Existing users can just run an update and get the latest version free of charge.

Rather than try to explain what the update is and how it works I’ve done a quick video…

Quick What’s New Video

Or there’s an overview of the Automatic Price Calculating tools if you want to see more on this video…

Watch an Overview Video


Watch this space!  We’re working on many more “You asked, so we did!” tweaks and features right now.  If you have any suggestions for features just tell us.  It may be that it’s there already and you’re just not aware, or



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