Professional+ Edition

Manage your client data and reduce admin.
Produce great looking documentation.
Easy to use Marketing tools.
Collect and use client reviews to build your business.

Why GetBookedUp?

Developed by us to build and run our own multi van carpet cleaning business.

Now hundreds of other owner operators & multi-van business owners trust GetBookedUp to run their administration and marketing systems too.

This is the Edition most 'Owner Operators' use.
This powerful, feature packed system will help you grow your business.

You'll spend far less time on routine administration and by using the built in reporting and marketing tools you'll drastically reduce your marketing spend!

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GetBookedUp Professional+ helps your business:

Manage Your Client Database & Reduce Your Admin:

Manage and grow your client database with minimum effort.

Easy to use intuitive screens mean minimum learning curve and less time spent entering data.

Quick Addressing, Just enter a house number and the Postcode and it automatically fills in the rest of the address, saving time and reducing errors.  Optional additional Royal Mail annual licence from just £30+VAT per year.

Contact Log on Client Record, visible at a glance, records quotes, jobs, emails, mailings and more, plus easily record responses to marketing so your reporting is spot on.

Client Types, to specifically target your marketing, with a further sub category available.

Track Client Demographics, with ‘Marketing Tags’.

Manage ‘Unsubscribe’ Requests, with options for flexibility.

Alternative Billing Address, great for those Letting Agents jobs or shops with a head office.

Attach Documents to the client record, including photos and scanned paperwork. View them from in the client record.

Record the Client’s Testimonials, and USE THEM automatically on other Quotations and more.  We'll even teach you how to maximise your 'Social Proof'

Manage Maintenance Plan Clients, including reporting tools to see what’s due, when, and if you’ve been paid.

Database Backup & restore facility.

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Quote Quicker & Clearer and Book More Jobs of a Higher Value:

Create customised and clearly laid out Quotations, Job Cards & Invoices

Quote over the phone or in the home.

You’ll book bigger jobs by offering multiple service levels, Clean Only, Clean & Protect or Healthy Home options already set up for you, but fully customisable.

Services Setup Ready for Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Leather, Hard Floor & Wood Floor.

​Automatically convert sizes given by the client into your preferred unit, forget fiddling with a calculator, Yards, Meters or Feet quickly converted.

Automatically calculate prices from the room sizes entered,not just rectangular and 'L' shaped rooms thought, also those needing multiple 'parts'calculating, such as commercial areas. Use it to deduct areas too, such as beds or wall units. Also handles circular, oval or semicircular areas such as rugs. PLUS, you can manually add a price or adjust calculated prices on the fly.

'Fudge Factor', a unique tool to 'invisibly' adjust the price the system generates, users love this! It's at Item level too, for more flexibility! Perfect to increase the price of the attic room without the increase showing.

'Quantity Discounts' is a great tool you can toggle on and off on the fly and use it to increase your average job value.

"Room pricing" or "per sqft/m" pricing.  Your choice or mix and match.

Add appointments to the built in diary directly from the client record in just a few clicks.

Unique flexible booking diary function. Add multiple bookings to a time slot you can clearly see where you're working at a glance.

Automatically add local client testimonials to the Quotation, the system finds them for you! With a choice of layouts (or you can customise them) the system adds the testimonials of your three nearest clients to the bottom of the quotation you print, WOW! Users tell us this feature alone paid for the software!

Run 2 vans with the option a 3rd for just £8+VAT/month extra.

Easily Keep In Contact With Clients, Email, Mailshot or SMS Text

EasyMailing to send targeted Direct mail. Powerful, but as the name suggests easy in just a few clicks. Plus, easily create an export list of clients to send to online print companies if you don't want to print them yourself, saving print and postage costs too!

Easy Texting, a simple way to send single texts and targeted 'bulk' texts messages. Includes mergetools to personalise your text message, plus use the built in templates or create your own to make it super fast to use.

EasyEmail, the simple to use powerful function to send targeted email campaigns.  Select who to send to, select the email template, click send... done.  It even records it on the clients contact log so you can mark responses so you know your numbers.

Easy Street Marketing, Imagine you're able to easily email or text everyone else in your database who is on the same street as the client you've just book a visit for. You'll build a reputation as THE carpet cleaner for the neighbourhood with just a few clicks.

'Automatic Job Reminder', record when the client asks you to remind them to have the item cleaned again, and automatically produce the letter when it's due. This has a 30-40% conversion rate!

Daily Marketing, automates the 'Automatic Job Reminder' letter.

Email, Text or Mail from directly within the clients record into your 'standard' letters, emails or text templates. No need for an external wordprocessor or an HTML editor.

Quickly send "Quote Confirmations", "Quote Not Booked" & "Job Confirmation" marketing and more.  We'll tech you how.

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Capture & Maximise Client Testimonials to Make More Profit

"Social Proof" is an awesome marketing tool.  We'll show you how to maximise it!

Effortlessly add local testimonials to quotations you produce, giving you more credibility.

Use them in mailshots or emails you're sending out, with reviews added from the nearest clients to the prospective client.  Imagine your prosepect seeing a neighbours testimonial for your service at th ebottom of their quotation, the job is yours!

With an optional plugin you can also send your reviews automatically from GetBookedUp to your website, displaying them on a Google map that visitors can search too. Imagine your carpet cleaning reviews automatically added to your carpet cleaning page, rug reviews to your rug page, all your service specific reviews added to the correct page of your website.  This also means they may start to appear on your organic Google listing display, again adding massive credibility to your website and business.

And so many other ways to maximise "Social Proof" reviews.

Know What Marketing Is Working With Great Report Tools.

Stop wasting money and target your budget better by easily monitoring responses to marketing activities. Easily record responses to every marketing activity you do and see reports to find out what's working and what's not.

Simple to use Standard Reports give you the accurate numbers you need, including total sales and average job values by advert source and more.

There’s even reports to see where your existing or referred clients find your number.

Easy to use reports for your accountant, reducing your admin and costs.

Built in Wordprocessor, Email Editor and Text (SMS) Builder.

No issues merging to external wordprocessors, or email mail systems.

Supplied with sample letters, email and text messages.  Just add your logo and details and they're ready to go.

Personalise and add merge fields to mailshots, email and texts.  Personalising your communication always increases responses and builds a more personal relationship with your client.  It's not just name and address details you can merge, you can also merge last job date and so much more

Merge your quotation or Invoice details INTO the body of your email if you wish, or quickly attach it as a pdf to be sent along with a personalised email, your choice.

Build up a bank of your own favorite letters, emails and text messages and quickly access them from the client record without having to hunt for them.​

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Support to get you going and beyond.

We provide step by step tutorials to help with your setup, and we're here to help with telephone support if you get stuck. With your permission we can even log in remotely to help too.  We want you to get up and running asap, we're here to help.

The software downloads with the services and most options already set up ready to go.

Just update a few lists, like your advertising sources so you can record where your work is coming from, and away you go. Most users are up and running in less than an hour.

Structured 'how to' tutorials mean you'll be adding new clients and their quotes, jobs and invoices in no time.

Step by step marketing tutorials guide you through how to maximise your marketing using mailshots, emails and text SMS messages.​

You can request to join our Facebook User Group, and tap into​ a monthly User Group Webinar, where we share loads of tips, show you what's new in the software, and share loads of marketing ideas we're using in our own carpet cleaning business, and those other GetBookedUp users have allowed us to share.  Some have said this webinar alone is worth the subscription.

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What GetBookedUp Users Are Saying...

"I'm a technophobe.  If I can use it anyone can use it!

The support that we get is unbelievable... the video tutorials are excellent and easy to understand, however, if you do have a problem Allan and the team are there to help us.  I can't believe how easy it is and why I was worrying."

Richard Marshall of Sleephaven.

"It's a very easy marketing tool, which you can just straight away, couple of clicks of the button, send out a regular mailshot that gets you regular work coming in.

For marketing outlay it's probably been the best return on investment we've made!"

Max & Oliver Campbell of
Rothwells Cleaning Services Ltd.

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