You asked for it, we’re providing it…

More and more GetBookedUp users who are part of Robert Saunders Alltec SuccessCoach team have asked us to improve the way we present prices for maintenance plans have been asking us to exactly replicate the pricing model used in the system previously supplied by Robert.  At the same time you also want to keep the additional functionality offered by the grid layout we use.  Hmmm, didn’t want much did you?  Well, you kept asking so we’ve decided we need to provide this for you guys.

What does this mean?

It means that after consultation with users we’re now coding things to give you even more flexibility.  You can choose to use, or not use, the maintenance plan pricing, or use a combination of both.  Not only that, you will still be able to choose items for a job from MULTIPLE quotes, ie one you did last year and the one you’ve just done now, AND you’ll still be able to manually edit the price from the old quote.  You won’t have to create a new quote for exactly the items you want on the job you’re going to do.  Phew!

We’re also adding in the additional feature of Area Volume discounts, and you’ll be able to specify that for each Item Category you want, so hard floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery etc can all be custom set.  You will still be able to use the invisible ‘Fudge Factor’ feature  (and one user said this feature was worth the price of the software in extra sales made using it!).  PLUS, all the existing variable Discount tables  and the One click use option will still be there.  Sounds complicated?  It might sound it but it actually makes handling discounts, however you deal with them a breeze, just try it.  And before you ask, you know who you are, YES you will still be able to call the discount, ‘January 2012 offer’, and the correct variable discounts be applied across the services,  so you don’t have to remember what those discounts are, genius!

All in all you will have ALL the same flexibility you’ve always enjoyed, but NOW you’ll be able to layout maintenance plan proposals clearer.  That and combine items from various Item categories to provide a total Job proposal and total price for the client.  If it all sounds Dutch don’t worry.  Those using GetBookedUp who use the existing maintenance plan pricing will instantly ‘get it’  Those who don’t currently, but want to, will be able to watch the How To videos.  And by the way, you’ll still be able to manually change any prices on the fly, including system calculated ones.

So, that’s the best of both worlds. Your feedback has been listed to and implimented, watch this space.  If you’d like to be involved in the Beta testing just let me know.


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