The MAGICAL Email, another great article from the NCCA…

The NCCA’s marketing blog seems to be on fire right now with tips and techniques, here’s another one I’m not going to repeat verbatim here, but feel it’s well worth popping over and taking a look…

The Magical Email

Read more at…  NCCA Marketing Blog: The MAGICAL Email

Of course there are tools in GetBookedUp that will make this process simple and systemised.

In the Professional+ Edition you could have this set up as an email template to send directly from the client record.

In addition, in the Business Builder and Turbo Charged Editions you can use the Target Marketing filter tools to automatically find “The MAGICAL emails” that are due for the chosen time period, and use that to send a bulk target marketing campaign.

If you need ANY help setting up any of these options in GetBookedUp please just call us on 01405 813665.

If you’ve skipped reading the article on the NCCA blog to get this far then you need to go and read that article to get the most from this suggestion, and discover The MAGICAL email ‘phrase’

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