Some thoughts on Targeting your Marketing & A New Feature ‘Easy Street Marketing’ Coming Soon…

I’ve mentioned this to a few of the users I’ve been working with this last week so I think it’s time to share with everyone the latest ‘little touch’ feature we’re currently adding to GetBookedUp.

Its something that just automates a little bit more of the marketing activity that ‘drip feeds’ jobs into your business. There’s no one thing that will make your business super profitable or super efficient, it’s a culmination of lots of little things done well and done consistently, so if those activities can be automated as much as possible then it’s got to be a winner. We’re adding this new feature to the Professional+ Edition, Business Builder and Turbo Charged Editions, so don’t worry, it’s there for ALL paid versions, not just the ‘top two’.  If you are an existing user the next time you get the prompt to update the system this, along with all the other little tweaks we do at users request, will be there waiting for you, just give us a couple of weeks for final beta testing.  Oh, and it’s an extra feature for FREE, even for Professional+ Users, you see we’re committed to improving that Edition for all existing users too.

So what’s the ‘big thing’?  It’s not big at all, in fact it’s a little thing but it does make a BIG difference.  For some time now in our own carpet cleaning business we’ve been having great success with email and text marketing. The ‘problem’ I have is I’m always trying to come up with, and testing, new ways to specifically target our marketing, especially to existing clients. TARGET is the key word. You see I believe, from experience, that targeting niche groups allows you to speak directly to them on a personal level and therefore the message is more relevant to them and therefore the conversion rate is much higher.  We already suggest targeting marketing to everyone in the same Town, even the same Village or District but we’ve also been targeting people in the SAME STREET!

Let me give you a bit of background.  In our carpet cleaning business we still use leaflet distribution with great success.  There is a whole story around how we do that, but that’s not for now.  What we do, however, is when the leaflet is going into a targeted area we also write to all our existing clients in that area saying, effectively, “The leaflet offer is in the area, watch out for it, it’s X, Y, Z take your pick. As an existing client you can also A,B,C so call and book now.”  We also write to all our existing clients in the small villages surrounding where the leaflets are going saying, effectively, “We know you won’t get the leaflet but we don’t want you to miss out on the offer, blah blah blah…”.  This reinforcing, or ‘double hit’ of the leaflet AND a letter MASSIVELY increases the response to the mailing.  As John E Kennedy would say in his  book, that I highly recommended you read,  “Reason-Why Advertising”, the MASSIVE increase in response is because you have a REASON to write to the client and a REASON to make an offer AND it’s recognising that as an existing client they are valuable enough to you for you to take time to advise them of the offer.  It’s that simple!  People appreciate being appreciated!  So, if you can show your appreciation with a REASON you are telling them about the offer they really do buy in.  This one activity is responsible for a large proportion of our repeat work.  Not only that, because all the marketing is going into one locality, all the jobs and quotes are in the same locality.  This means you can fit more in whilst also saving fuel and travel costs, PERFECT!  Market Better, Quote Quicker, Book More, the whole GetBookedUp philosophy 🙂

I was thinking how can I take this principle a stage further, and follow up the Leaflet and the Letter with another REASON to be in touch?  It’s well known by marketers that it often takes more than one ‘touch’ to elicit a response.  Sometimes it’s just they were meaning to call, then got distracted, put the letter or leaflet down, then just forgot to call.  So if you can ‘touch’ them again that might just do the job this time.   I had the Eureka moment when an existing client called in and I overheard the conversation.  The previous client said she had seen our van in the street that morning and saw Kevin (she knew Kevin as he’d visited a few times before) going into a neighbour’s house.  She said if she’d know he was coming to her friend’s house she would have asked us to pop in while he was there and look at another area she wanted cleaning.  PING! Neighbour Mailings were born!

So what’s a Neighbour Mailing?  This was pre most people having an email address.  To be honest it used to be a time consuming, quite costly process.  When we booked a quote in a particular street we would POST a letter to existing clients on that same street with the REASON being that we were visiting to do a quote in the street.   However, we could only do that if there was enough time for us to print and fold the letters to get them in today’s mail collection service at 3:00pm, so that they would arrive BEFORE we had actually visited the street to do the quote.  It worked AMAZINGLY WELL, but only on those very few occasions we managed to send it, because most quotes are booked for the next day or the day after, so we couldn’t send many out to arrive before our visit.  When we started collecting more emails we started sending emails to neighbours, but again it was time consuming running a filter on the database individually after booking each quote.  We KNOW this works so we decided recently to automate this task in GetBookedUp so that as soon as you’ve made an appointment on the system with either a new or existing client, in just a few clicks from the client record you can immediately and automatically target all your existing clients in the same street and send them a fully mail-merged personalised email (and you can customise the email to suit you, but we’ll supply one for you).  This means they have now potentially had a third ‘touch’, ie the leaflet, your letter and now the email.  But it gets better as the momentum builds.  If  one of those book in you can automatically send another email, again saying you’re visiting the street.  I think you can see just how powerful this becomes, yet at the same time it isn’t ‘pestering’ the client with useless information.  This repeated ‘touching’ builds momentum and makes people realise you work in the area a lot, which again reinforces your reputation and then people start to ask their neighbours if they use you too as they have had another email.  I can say this because that is exactly what our clients in our carpet cleaning business tell us.  I’m not saying this to impress you but to impress upon you that this works, Neighbour Marketing has helped us grow our carpet cleaning business into a stable business where in some of the better neighbourhoods in our area we clean in 20-25% of the houses in the street. This automated email feature will just make it even easier for you to do the same too.

I can hear you saying you don’t have that many email addresses!  Worry not, because most people these days give you a mobile number as a contact so you probably have that don’t you?  So, there is also the option to send a mail-merged TEXT message to all your existing clients in the same street.  But not only that, the feature has been designed to allow you to do both, and you choose which has preference.  To be honest I prefer emails as they can contain links to specific custom landing pages on your website and allow for more content, so allow you more chance to explain your REASON for contacting them.  So the way we’ve set ours up is to default to send the email first, but if there is no email address send a text.  THE BEST OF BOTH and maximum coverage in just a few clicks!

Phew, if you’ve made it this far “Thank You”, that was a long post to explain something as simple as emailing or texting existing clients in the same street you have just book a quote in.  I hope you’ll love the new feature as much as we, and a couple of beta testers do.  It’s made Neighbour Mailings a WHOLE lot easier so we’re calling it “Easy Street Marketing”

If you’d like a sneaky peek at this feature just give me a call and I’ll show you how we’re using it.  Watch out for the update notice, there’s no charge for this new feature and it IS in the Professional+ Edition too.



P.S.  Of course, you don’t need to have sent the leaflets out or the letter, you could just have booked a quote in the street and want to let all your existing clients know anyway.  Even doing just that will reinforce the fact that you work in the neighbourhood regularly and generate more calls in the area while you are already there.  Quick, simple and effective marketing.

P.P.S.  I almost forgot to say it works for JOBS too, in EXACTLY the same way.  Now you tell them when you’re quoting and when you’re cleaning 🙂


Easy Street Marketing 1

A copy of the Email Template we’re using with great sucess.  We’ll supply this with the feature and you’ll just need to edit your details and obviously change the Hyperlink addresses for the weblinks…

Street Marketing 1

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