Just One More Sleep!

That’s right, just one more sleep to the Carpet Cleaners Carnival Event 2011.

We’ve already met several GetBookedUp users in the Hotel and the Car Park, all arriving ready for tomorrows Family Day.

I have to say Denise Pitt’s new logo’d up car looks AMAZING, go pink girl!

Although there are already many users transferred over onto the new Forever Free Edition TOMORROW is the first day it will be shown to potential New Users.  Two have had a sneak preview this evening and the response was very positive to the new layout and they’ve signed up.

As we have a training day booked in our office on Monday we are only taking enquiries at the show and will be releasing the download link on Wednesday when we are all available to provide telephone support to those who require it.  If anyone is desparate to get going please just call us and we’ll see what we can do.  Interest is already high from the sign up newsletter on the website front screen so we want to manage the release so we can help everyone.  Please bear with us.

Again tomorrow is the first day NEW users will get chance to see the Latest Professional+ Edition.  Beta testing by existing users went well and we’re good to go.  That’s the feature packed entry level Edition.  Just a one off fee, at a giveaway price of just £215 + VAT, with no monthly fee.  We also now provide 30 days telephone support, just to make sure you’re up and running as soon as possible.  Those guys who are already running this Edition and have expressed an interest in the ‘next step’ just drop by the stand and we’ll be glad to walk you through what you’re looking for.

As I write this the stand is up and looks great.  Stop by and pick up a new mousemat or two for your office.  If you’d be happy to do a quick video testimonial while you’re passing that would be very much appreciated.

I know there are a couple of existing users visiting tomorrow who are not using this new Edition yet, you know who your are ;-), please stop by and have a look, then we’ll get you upgraded as soon as you’re ready.

That’s a text to say they’re meeting for dinner now, so i’ll bid you good night, see you tomorrow.

Allan Jnr.

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