Have you been receiving our emails?

I’ve posted something similar before but wanted to raise it again.  A few people have been in touch saying they’d signed up at the bottom of our webpage for our “Enjoy more ideas to market less, quote faster and book more via…”  but haven’t heard from us.  I’ve checked again and as we operate a double opt in system managed via Mailchimp it may be our initial request for confirmation you want to receive this stuff (and it’s not some little spammer signing you up) has probably gone into your spam filter or been rejected by your server as spam.

If you have signed up and not heard from us please just sign up again and hopefully it will get through this time.  If you don;t receive the email asking you to confirm please check your spam folder.  If it’s not there just call us and let us know, or contact us through the Contact Us form with a little note in there.



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