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So, in our carpet cleaning business I’ve just organised our Automatic Job Reminder letter for February to go out. It’s part of the Daily Marketing activity in GetBookedUp and this particular tool is in the Professional+, Business Builder and Turbo Charged Editions.

So what’s Automatic about it? Well, this is a letter generated automatically by GetBookedUp, exactly when it’s due without you having to search through any records or diaries. You just run the Daily Marketing activity and the systems does the work for you and tells you how many are due. You just then choose the letter you want to send, and we include a template to get you started, click print and away they go, IT’S THAT EASY and automatic.

Why is it different to the normal reminder letter? Well, this letter is only sent to those people who asked us to remind them to have the items cleaned again. Ie, when we left the questionnaire on completion of the job the last question on there is “When would you like us to remind you to have the item cleaned again 12/18/24/36 months? Please delete as applicable.” Whatever the client chooses this is recorded in the client record and the system does the rest, as above. What makes this work so well is that the letter simply says “When we worked for you on (job date) you asked us to remind you in (timeframe). Well, it’s (time frame) so here’s your friendly reminder. Call us now and we’ll get you booked in as requested.” Basically, they asked us to remind them, we have, so they automatically respond and call, simple.

The conversion rate on this letter is typically 40%, so the 118 letters that have gone out as our February run of Automatic Job reminders could turn into 40-45 JOBS meaning a HUGE ROI on the cost of 118 letters!

If you’re not using software to help you run your business, or your current software doesn’t offer this feature then why not take a look at GetBookedUp now. These and many other clever little tools like it will save you time and make a massive difference to your marketing spend and ROI.

Here’s a quick video showing you how easy this is to use, and this feature IS included in the one off fee, £289 + VAT, Professional+ Edition too. It’s just one of the tools so many of our users have told us they SWITCHED from other software to GetBookedUp to use. So, now you can see how powerful this one tool is, ask your existing software provider to add it as soon as possible, and if they won’t, you should make the switch to GetBooedUp now. The sooner you switch and start recording these too, the sooner you start to get a return, so what are you waiting for, take a look at GetBookedUp now.

Imagine when you come to sell your business the added value this will give your business. If you could show a potential buyer that you have a list of people who have asked to be remind at a specific time to have the work done again, and the response to that reminder is typically 40%, imagine what that does to the VALUE of the business, for very little work, just a few clicks on each record when the job is done.

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