Extra feature in Professional+ Editions…

When Angelo of Cleaning Time got frustrated with another another carpet cleaning software package he was using he decided to try our Forever Free Edition.  Apparently he’d deleted an item on his pick list and because he had ‘used’ that on a record his deleting it had corrupted his database.  That doesn’t happen in our software, you can delete ‘redundant’ items even if you’ve used them, without causing a problem with your data.  If you couldn’t delete used items you’d have a huge list of ‘old’ sources, for example, which would just clutter up the selection box.  We’ve taken care of attention to detail like that so you don’t have to worry.

Angelo loved the Free Edition so much he almost immediately upgraded to our Professional+ Edition and we imported the limited existing  client detail we could recover from his old system.  Angelo said he was so excited at what this new software would do for him and couldn’t wait to start mailing his clients.  When he used the Easy Mailing facility he commented on how easy it was to find the right people.  While we were logged in doing some training with him he said in his old system he used to manually copy and paste each individual address from the list into an excel spreadsheet to be able to send that to Docmail (or any other online fulfilment house).  In our Business Builder and Turbo Charged Editions it’s possible to create the excel spreadsheet automatically, but not quite so easy in the Professional+ Edition.  Whilst you didn’t have to select each client individually and copy them, you had to right click in the grid of clients and select the right option to get the excel spreadsheet he wanted.  Angelo casually said “It would be great if that was just one button to click.”  What a BRILLIANT idea, SO WE DID IT!

Angelo asked  “It would be great if that was just one button to click.”


Now in the Professional+ Edition, when you use the Easy Mailing facility to create your mailings you can, with one click of a button, turn that list into an excel spreadsheet to upload to Docmail (or any other online fulfilment house).

It’s yet another great reason to change the software you’re using and start using our Professional+ Edition.  Just a one off fee of £289.00 + VAT,  NO monthly fee and a 60 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.  PLUS, the system can grow with your business WITHOUT losing ANY data when you upgrade further and no new system to learn.

Thanks Angelo for the suggestion.  You can visit Angelo’s website at Northampton Carpet Cleaners Cleaning Time.

Existing Users can get this new function by simply updating.

Go to the Data Interchange Menu, Choose the Load Latest Version Files option, accept the default ‘Medium’ of “GetBookedUp Support’s Internet Folder” and click Load Files.  The system will do an automatic backup before downloading.  When the download is complete just close GBU and restart it.  You’ll see the new button in the Easy mailing screen, bottom left hand side.




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