You Asked, So We Did, AGAIN! Text Marketing…

It’s here and those who have done Beta testing have said it was worth the wait.

You see, we’ve been looking at adding this for some time, but we didn’t want to rush into adding texting to GetBookedUp and only do half a job.  We wanted to be sure of several things.  Firstly, that we complied with all the legislation and weren’t just flying by the seat of our pants.  Secondly, we wanted to make it more than a simple “you can send a text, type what you want here then send it” system.  So what we’ve developed covers both of those.  We’ve partnered with the Industry leaders, TextLocal, to provide a fully integrated solution.  Not only that, we now have our own webportal for using the other TextLocal tools too, so those of you with a real flair for the clever stuff can export data files and let your minds go wild.  We’ve also decided to pass on some saving we make buying text messages in bulk.  Because we buy in bulk you can buy text message credits from us at just 4.5p each if you buy 1000.  Direct from TextLocal they would cost you 4.9p each, not a massive difference I know, but every little helps.  Having our own webportal also means we have much more flexibility, so you get easier to use tools in GetBookedUp.  The biggest benefit is by composing text messages in GetBookedUp we can allow you to merge many more fields that if you were using the other text messaging websites direct.  Most have a limit of five, and by the time you’ve added Mr Simmons you’ve used two already.  You can add as many as you like and the merge is done before it’s uploaded to the portal, so there’s no problem, a clever tool suggested by our developer.

So what’s it do?  Take a look at the video…

Text Marketing Screen

Text Templates.

These allow you to have ‘ready to go’ text messages at various points within the system, ie the Client Record screen, The Diary when booking a Quote or Job, and the new East Texting bulk text marketing facility.  The system downloads with several for you to use straight away.  You can use as is or edit them to suit, you can even add as many others as you like, let your mind go wild with ideas for how you can use this.  The great thing about these templates is that we’ve made it dead easy to add mergedata into them, suach as the clients name, job or quote date, appointment time AND MUCH MORE.  This means you don’t have to type that data into the text, the system DOES IT FOR YOU when you use the template, good eh?  You can even edit the merged text before you send it if you like, WOW!

Single text messages.

You can send a single text directly from a clients record.  You can do this from a button next to the mobile number field, then choose a template or just type your own message.  This is recorded on the Clients contact log too making tracking responses easy.

Confirm Quote and Job appointments from directly in the Diary system.  Just choose the appointment and click ‘Text’, compose your text or choose a template, edit if you wish, click send and a fully mailmerged date and appointment time confirmation goes out.

‘Bulk’ Text messaging

Want to send job reminders by Text, or better yet send a text to everyone in a particular area with an offer to fill a gap in your diary tomorrow?  EASY with Easy Texting.  Select who you want to text to using the filter tool, even the easy filter tools or the target marketing filter tools, you choose.  Choose which Template text you want to send, or create a new one, or even just modify a previous one, EASY!  Click ‘Send’ and it’s sent and recorded on the clients contact log, again allowing accurate measuring of response rates.

It is in the:

Professional+ Edition

Business Builder Edition

and Turbo-Charged Edition.


There are so many ways you can use Text Messaging.  I look forward to sharing some of the success stories of our users with you in future posts.

That’s all for now, regards,




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