Save time and money by using online printing services…

One of the most time consuming parts of any mailing campaign can be the actual printing, folding and stuffing of envelopes for mailing.

Well, in our carpet cleaning business we’ve found a company that take all of that hassle away. We have been using Docmail for some time now and can highly recommend their service. I was skeptical what the effect would be on the response rate. When I saw the hard evidence that in our side by side trials there was no difference in response to mail sent through Docmail, and that which we had printed, folded and stuffed in house, I decided the saving was well worth making and am now a regular user.

Effectively we get the item printed, folded, stuffed and posted for LESS than we were paying for postage alone doing it in house (and that was with a discount for bulk and clean addresses). Not only that but now we don’t have to do the labour element of printing, folding and stuffing, saving even more! With Docmail there is no minimum order and it’s dead easy to use. You can export the required data, in the required format, from [getbookedup] and they do the rest, even custom mailmerge fields are available.

Check out their service, their details can be found HERE.

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