IT’S HERE! Easy Street Marketing…

Just over a month ago I mentioned this and now after further testing and tweaking it’s available and ready to go, the final tutorials will go live over the next few days but it’s pretty self explanatory how it works from the video below.

So, what is ‘Easy Street Marketing’?

It’s something we’ve been using for a while now, but it was always a little bit of faffing around to do and often got missed if the phones were busy.  As it is such a successful marketing technique we’ve decided to automate it as a specific new tool in GetBookedUp.  It’s in the Business Builder, Turbo-Charged AND the one time only fee Professional+ Edition too.  Plus,  if you’re an existing user, it’s also available as a free update.

Basically, we send an email or text to everyone on the database who lives on the same street as the person we have just booked a quote or job appointment for.  Why? Because this does a couple of things.  Firstly it lets people know you’re in the area, so if they need anything you can call at the same time, which saves you fuel, time and marketing costs.  Secondly it lets people know you’re in the area!  Always in the area!  which has a drip, drip effect and builds your reputation as THE Carpet Cleaner in the area.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a way to drip, drip market your existing clients, cementing the fact that you are the local cleaner and at the same time reducing your fuel, travel time and marketing costs.  As I said, we’ve done this for some time now, and we thought it was time to automate the process in GetBookedUp now we’ve proven it works.  It may only be that you have one or two other clients in the street, but this is a virtually free method of keeping in touch with them which, and I’ll say it again, cements you as THE cleaner in the neighbourhood.

If you tie this in with always doing at least a ‘5 around’ leaflet drop, or better still a small notepad drop (more about this idea another day), and you’re perceived as always in the area so you must be popular in the area.  This works amazing in the higher end areas too, where it’s virtually impossible to break into without a word of mouth recommendation.  People start talking when they keep seeing you in the area and the recommendations flow.

Take a look at the video to see how easy it is to use, we even include the templates for you…

Easy Street Marketing 1

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