Alternative Postcode Search Software

We’re always looking for ways to reduce costs in our business and a different Postcode Data supplier came to our attention.  Until now GetBookedUp has only worked with AFD Postcode for the ‘instant addressing’ function in the system.   A different supplier contacted us and is offering a data package which does everything GetBookedUp needs at a lower price when compared to the AFD product.  As our AFD licences expired we switched over to ensure their data was ‘up to scratch’ and we’re happy to report it certainly is.  So, we’ve developed GetBookedUp to work with the new data suppliers product also.

The annual cost is just £79.00 + VAT per licence, compared to AFD Postcode costing £154.00 + VAT in the first year and renewals around £84.00 + VAT.

You can find a specific page for GetBookedUp Users HERE – Postcode Software  You just need the Product “1 licence £79+vat (per year)” option, unless you have multiple PC’s you want to use it on.

You don’t need to do anything in GetBookedUp to make Postcode Search work.  Just make sure you download the file into the default location they suggest and GetBookedUp will automatically find it next time you log in.

If you’re not already using the ‘instant addressing’ you really ought to consider it.  You can enter just the house number and Postcode and automatically complete the rest of the details.  Saves time entering data AND no more misspalt adresssus in your database.  The data is in the Royal Mail PAF format, so you can make savings on bulk mailings such as CleanMail, UK Mail and many more.  It also means the data is in a format easily exported to Docmail for online print fulfilment services.

Just call if you have any queries about Postcode Search Software, or Docmail.


Thank You Sharon at Absolute Cleaning Service

Last week Sharon at Absolute Cleaning Services based in Harpenden downloaded our Forever Free Edition and reported that she thought she’d found a bug, oops.

Sharon emailed to say that as she changed from one tab to another there appeared to be a ‘flickering’.  This was the first time this had been reported so we investigated further.  What we found was that it appears some graphics accelerators didn’t like our tabs within tabs layout.  Now we know about it we’re fixing it, so will email everyone as soon as the fix is done with details of how to update your system, just in case it’s also affecting you.

We have also had another suggested improvement, so watch this space.  You asked for it Peter, so we’ll add it as it’s another great idea that’s easy for us to implement.



Improved Import Data Facility


Following a suggestion made by a visitor to the stand at The Carpet Cleaners Carnival we decided to add their suggestion as it’s GENIUS!

Basically it allows you to edit the incoming data withing GetBookedUp, rather than having to edit you spreadsheet and reimport it.  The system will highlight exactly what needs  be changed in each record to make it import ‘cleanly’, then you can edit it right there, SIMPLE but genius.

Take a look at the new facility here

If you need any help using this please just call or email.


Allan Jnr.

What a Great Day!

Saturday was the carpet cleaners carnival at Whitsteed Park, Kettering, and what a great day too.  After a quiet start by 11am it was buzzing with families and the kids pestering to get back outside onto the playground areas.  The weather was kind all day and there were some tired looking little ones late afternoon, some equally worn out parents too!

It was great to meet old friends and make some new ones, especially chatting to Jan and John who organised the Kirsty’s Kids Round the UK motorbike run.  I was amazed when I saw the map with the actual route planned and to see every little side road to the coast marked off, AWESOME!  8,000+ miles on a 125 motorbike in exactly 30 days.  It’s still not too late to donate, visit

The Forever FREE edition was very popular, with many people saying it was just what they needed.  The most frequent comment was along the lines of “It’s got enough functions to get us started on the road to keeping our customers on a computer.”  I see that as “Job done.”  That’s exactly why we released Forever FREE, to help people get started, no risk.  Thank you for those comments, watch out for the emails with tips and ideas!

Professional + went down a storm with several “going for it” straight away, I look forward to working with you guys over the next few weeks to get you going.

Plenty of enquiries about the Business Builder and Turbo Charged Editions from people who’d heard about us before. Two people interested in the Business Builder Edition straight away.  Welcome aboard, we’ll help you really grow your business and save you time and money.

Congratulations to all the team at the NCCA who organised the day, and here’s to next years event.  See you there if not before.


Just One More Sleep!

That’s right, just one more sleep to the Carpet Cleaners Carnival Event 2011.

We’ve already met several GetBookedUp users in the Hotel and the Car Park, all arriving ready for tomorrows Family Day.

I have to say Denise Pitt’s new logo’d up car looks AMAZING, go pink girl!

Although there are already many users transferred over onto the new Forever Free Edition TOMORROW is the first day it will be shown to potential New Users.  Two have had a sneak preview this evening and the response was very positive to the new layout and they’ve signed up.

As we have a training day booked in our office on Monday we are only taking enquiries at the show and will be releasing the download link on Wednesday when we are all available to provide telephone support to those who require it.  If anyone is desparate to get going please just call us and we’ll see what we can do.  Interest is already high from the sign up newsletter on the website front screen so we want to manage the release so we can help everyone.  Please bear with us.

Again tomorrow is the first day NEW users will get chance to see the Latest Professional+ Edition.  Beta testing by existing users went well and we’re good to go.  That’s the feature packed entry level Edition.  Just a one off fee, at a giveaway price of just £215 + VAT, with no monthly fee.  We also now provide 30 days telephone support, just to make sure you’re up and running as soon as possible.  Those guys who are already running this Edition and have expressed an interest in the ‘next step’ just drop by the stand and we’ll be glad to walk you through what you’re looking for.

As I write this the stand is up and looks great.  Stop by and pick up a new mousemat or two for your office.  If you’d be happy to do a quick video testimonial while you’re passing that would be very much appreciated.

I know there are a couple of existing users visiting tomorrow who are not using this new Edition yet, you know who your are ;-), please stop by and have a look, then we’ll get you upgraded as soon as you’re ready.

That’s a text to say they’re meeting for dinner now, so i’ll bid you good night, see you tomorrow.

Allan Jnr.

Relaunching at NCCA Carpet Cleaners Carnival

Wow!  I can’t believe how fast time has flown since the Cleaning Show in March this year.  Where has it gone, and what happened to summer?

Well, the user group for Psam Software met shortly after the cleaning show and together with feedback from newer users we decided to completely overhaul the software, add loads of extra features you’ve been asking for AND rename the software to reflect the change of the user interface, hence the New Website.  A BIG thanks to James Ashford for coming up with the new name.  As he says, it does exactly what it says on the tin, if you use the software you’ll “Get Booked Up”, genius.

The decision wasn’t taken lightly, and although the work has taken a little longer than expected, the beta testing reports have been amazing.  Not a single negative about the renewed layout.  We’ve gone for a more modern ‘browser’ feel to the screens.  We’ve done what users requested and it’s always great when users then feedback positively on the end result.  We had a lot of help from a Design Guru working with us.  We hope as it’s released to existing users over the next two to three weeks (so we can ensure sufficient cover to help support you through the changes) you’ll let us know what you think.

The current Newsletter emails will also be replaced as this new website is fully integrated with Mailchimp so all news and marketing tips, Updates, Bug Fix Notifications etc will be driven through the website and our new Mailchimp system.  Watch out for the first email, we’ll ask you just to update your details in Mailchimp, and confirm your subscription.

If you’re going down to the NCCA’s Carpet Cleaners Carnival this Saturday look out for us, we’re on Stand 5, with our new display, and some new mousemats to give away.  There will also be a little surprise for all the existing Lite Users .  We’ve renamed that edition as suggested by the user group.  They felt ‘Lite’ didn’t reflect the “more than professional bit of software it is”, so they’ve renamed it just that “Professional+”.  In the spirit of fairness watch out all the existing Lite Edition users, you’re in for a little windfall through your letterbox as it’s only fair 😉




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